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Teja Home Development Ltd. Heading About Us

Welcome to Teja Home Development! We are proud to say we hold over 10 years of Home Development services in Metropolitan Vancouver and Regional cities. With this experience we have provided our valued clients with over 100+ packages and are continuing to provide an exceptionally high service and quality product in Building standards and design.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, we are more than happy to assist you.

First Time Home Buyers

You have come to the right place! At Teja Home Development we are well versed and experienced in assisting First time home buyers with the ability to own their very first home. As a first time home buyers, Teja Home Development can offer a complete solution with modern home designs all tailored to suit your budget.


Teja Home Development is partnered with all major Financial Institutions. No matter what your circumstances, Teja Home Development can match your house and land package to suit your financial needs. At Teja Home Development we have dedicated finance professionals to guide you through the process with a personal and friendly approach.


Teja Home Development not only markets but also sells house and land packages in all major growth areas in Vancouver and regional cities. Our quality designed home offer the opportunity for you to invest with confidence offering a high quality home to potential tenants. Whether it be your first investment, investment utilising your superfund or simply adding another quality investment to your portfolio. Speak to our investment consultant to discuss your immediate needs.

Development and Planning

At Teja Home Development, we offer the unique service of land development and planning services. We can assess each sight completing a full feasibility study and advise on your design and sales performance. We offer full stating and design and planning services that will be managed on a start to finish basis.